May 24, 2019

WeWork Labs Incubator Welcomes Decentralized Cloud Network Beowulf as Network Member

SAN FRANCISCO, June 17, 2019 – Beowulf, a full-service B2B cloud communication company, has announced that it has been accepted to WeWork Labs’ Silicon Valley as a network member. Beowulf provides communication services via a decentralized cloud network of computing resources worldwide to enable innovative businesses with ready-to-use toolkits/sdk to easily provide communication functions to their customers without barriers. In addition, it has just launched the QUICKOM system a new way for people to communicate privately via QR codes.

Beowulf specializes in providing communication services via a decentralized cloud network of computing resources. It is the latest forward-thinking company to join WeWork, an invite-only accelerator program which operates in 12 countries. Beowulf will benefit the global WeWork Labs network, as it can help member companies by enhancing their business communications capability through the use of Beowulf’s patented technology.

“WeWork Labs is one of the world’s fastest-growing incubators, and the fact that we’re able to pool our knowledge and look to the future together is very gratifying,” said Beowulf founder William H. Nguyen. “We’re excited for the collaborative possibilities that this affords, and we look forward to introducing more businesses to the power of next generation communication systems.”

“We are excited to welcome Beowulf to WeWork Labs,” said Neda Blocho, the Labs Manager at WeWork Labs in Silicon Valley. “It’s our genuine commitment to be an ambitious connector, integrating Beowulf to the dynamic community of innovative entrepreneurs here at WeWork Labs. I believe the Beowulf team will bring significant value to greatly benefit the WeWork Labs community, given their deep experience and expertise in telecommunication and blockchain technology.”

Among its many services, Beowulf helps companies add real-time communication capacities such as voice/video, messaging, video conference calls, and the QUICKOM system, a QR code solution for consumers, business, and call centers with customized privacy control. Beowulf provides fast and reliable communication services to companies and individuals with zero entry barriers and low operation cost.

Beowulf is also known for its publicly-run decentralized blockchain, the eponymous Beowulf Blockchain which utilizes Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus. The Beowulf supercomputer is built by integrating available computing resources contributed by individuals throughout the globe, with each transaction recorded on the blockchain. The Beowulf SDK, meanwhile, handles all communication functions from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with businesses paying only for the minutes they use.

WeWork Labs is an invite-only program meant to be an incubator and “launchpad” for startups which powers the next generation of industry transformation by helping startups and corporates create the future. The organization’s mission is to give innovative startups the space and knowledge to flourish. It empowers enterprise by renting thoughtfully-designed workspaces, running mentorship programs and providing financial resources to startups that show potential. Beowulf’s WeWork Labs membership will benefit all WeWork Labs members by offering expertise in business communications.

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