The Decentralized Communication Suite for Large-scale Conferences, Classrooms, and Theaters
Built on the world’s most flexible decentralized cloud communications platform, QUICKOM offers a suite of services encompassing corporate communication solutions, call center, as well as unified communications with a focus on privacy and user data protection.
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The Technology Platform for Distance Teaching and Training
We empower education and create a marketplace for this realm. With Tutorica, academic institutions can develop the online versions of physical campuses, thus enabling borderless knowledge and information exchange in no time without barriers.
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The Ultimate Platform to Redefine Fan Engagement through Live, Collaborative Video Chats
Fan Infinity is a decentralized technology platform with the mission to redefine fan engagement. We build technology to connect Fans with their Idols in real-time through two-way interactive engagement, while empowering Idols to directly monetize their talents and unlock new financial opportunities.
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The Next-gen Loyalty Programs on Blockchain
Boyoty is a fast, simple, and reliable way for users to do more with their loyalty points without carrying hundreds of cards and cash, while helping businesses to build, power, and grow their optimal loyalty experience!
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The Cloud Service for Hosting Academic Credentials on the Blockchain
Biploma empowers academic institutions, businesses, and individuals to create and access authentic credentials such as academic degrees, attended courses, acquired skills, diplomas, and even honored recognitions and other achievements easily and conveniently.
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Accessible and Affordable Healthcare for All Anytime, Anywhere via Telemedicine
We empower hospitals and healthcare providers to build comprehensive telemedicine systems that provide high-quality, patient-centric care for their patients via real-time video conferencing.
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Your One-stop Shop for Signing, Certifying, and Verifying Business Documents
From individuals, to small & medium sized businesses, right up to corporations. We're here to help you securely get your paperwork out of the way and get deals closed faster with legally binding digital signatures at work, at home or even on the go.
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Align Blockchain Technology to your Business Needs
We provide API/SDK for businesses to interact directly to blockchain for the storing and recording of information and transforming their blockchain ideas on paper into tangible business outcomes.
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Deploy Best-in-class Communication Features with Speed and Confidence
Beowulf provides ready-to-use front-end SDK for business clients to add, build, and operate communication-related features like messaging, voice/video calling for their businesses in no time.
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Explore the new standard of web browsing
Beowulf browser is Chrome-based web browser with the built-in communication and blockchain suites to better serve our users with more productivity, confidentiality and value.
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Beowulf Operating System
Beowulf OS runs on a broad range of ubiquitous devices and allows hardware manufacturers to offer free devices to their customers, while offering the ‘open App Store’ concept for zero digital content fee, and world-class security
‘Open App Store’ Concept. In Every Sense of the Word.
For developers, we don’t collect fees on digital contents. Plus, our App Store is fully compatible with the Google Play Store, so they can enjoy flexibility when deploying their apps across stores, saving them from the cost of making changes to the code.
An Innovative Model for Free Hardware Devices
Apart from the suite of software for communication, distance education and telemedicine, Beowulf OS comes with the built-in Beowulf network mining software so that hardware business clients can offer free hardware to their customers.

Bringing enriched communication to every solution

Communication without barriers
QUICKOM by Beowulf utilizes the US patent-pending QR code technology to redefine corporate communications, making them more flexible and intelligent to help enterprises the world over stay ahead. True to its roots as a technology disruptor, QUICKOM’s flexible approach helps better serve the growing collaboration, communications, and customer experience needs of companies, across all communications channels.

Customers and Partners

Through the ready-to-use technology stack for any business to develop its applications in no time, Beowulf has given various business clients an edge in the market with a range of representatives as follows:

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