The Decentralized Cloud Network for Communication Services
Enabling businesses to provide communication features for their businesses without barriers
Drive better communications,
without compromise
Beowulf is a B2B platform providing excellent communication services with infinite scalability across the globe. With the mission of facilitating secure, best-in-class communications, Beowulf provides a suite of services built on blockchain to help businesses reach a wider audience with no upfront investment needed, and the lowest possible cost using transparent pay-per-use rates. Undergirding the network is a distributed ledger that is supportive of the exchange and delivery of multiple solutions, such as distance education and telemedicine.
Build the next-generation communication-based
services for your business with Beowulf.
Connect to your customers with just one photo scan
From enterprises to personal use, QUICKOM is designed to give control over communications back to the user, with a focus on privacy control.
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Take the distance out of distance learning
We empower schools and educational institutions around the world to build a distance education platform where they can conduct two-way interactive communication learning/teaching sessions without barriers
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Accessible and affordable healthcare for all anytime, anywhere via innovative telemedicine
We empower hospitals and healthcare providers to build comprehensive telemedicine systems that provide high-quality, patient-centric care for their patients via real-time video conferencing
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Deploy best-in-class communication features with speed and confidence
Beowulf provides ready-to-use front-end SDK for business clients to add, build, and operate communication-related features, such as messaging, voice/video calling, for their businesses in no time
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Beowulf Operating System
Designed with the "open App Store concept", Beowulf OS doesn’t collect commission on app purchases and is always free to use for manufacturers and developers. We provide full support, so you can focus your energies and resources on what you do best.
A Seamless Platform to Empower the World
Beowulf OS is an Android-based operating system that enables a seamless experience across a range of devices; from smart TV, set top box, smartphone to smart routers. Best of all, Beowulf OS will power millions of Xelex tablets to serve every economic spectrum imaginable, from farmers, smartphone users to schools and hospitals around the world.
Hardware-as-a-Service for Global Adoption
Apart from the suite of software for communication, distance education and telemedicine, Beowulf OS comes with the built-in Beowulf network mining software so that hardware business clients can offer free hardware to their customers.
Why Beowulf?
Beowulf ensures the highest quality of communication services by leveraging the nearly uniform distributed computing resources worldwide. Through this resilient global computing infrastructure, we enable properly engineered systems to be eminently scalable by offering business clients the following advantages:
Cost Savings
Businesses can build communication applications in a cost-effective way because of the pay-per-use model or minute of usage which will help them save at least 80% on the infrastructure and human resource costs required.
Voice/Video Call Quality
Distributed network of computers ensures optimal geographical placement of services based on demand sources; making every call local call. We also employ AI-based Machine Learning engine to find the best telecom routing paths.
Infinite Scalability
Through the vast amount of network miners, businesses do not have to face the scaling issue as in the case where they own and operate the back-end communication network themselves.
Clear-cut Transparency
All transactions will be recorded on public blockchain for open verification. This will ensure the transparency of all transactions for billing and payment purposes.
Privacy & Security
End-to-end encryption providing the highest level of data security. This helps ensure no unauthorized eavesdropping, as only the caller and callee of the same call can access your information.
Fast Deployment
We provide ready-to-use teachnology through our library of front-end SDK. This will save businesses critical development time for building their own infrastructure from the ground up, resources, money, and market opportunity.

Bringing enriched communication to every solution

Your inbound communication, your total control
QUICKOM by Beowulf revolutionizes personal transactions by putting complete control back to the user with a focus on privacy control and flexibility. Users can now create their own unique QR code, rather than sharing telephone numbers, which can lead to a safer and more comfortable use of personal communications.

Customers and Partners

Through the ready-to-use front-end SDKs for any business to develop its applications in no time, Beowulf has given various clients an edge in the market with a range of representatives as follows

Start Building Today

We offer an SDK library that is compatible with iOS, Android/Html5, as well as essential to businesses that wish to add communication features to their services.

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