Beowulf allows everyone with a computer connected to the internet to participate as network miners
With the Beowulf Mining Software, we provide an operating system designed specifically to help miners around the world connect to the decentralized Beowulf platform in minutes with a minimum of user participation.
Extra Income
Earn income monthly on devices you already own. No expensive mining hardware, and no extra electricity costs.
Automatic Deployment
Automatically deploy services to your device when your resources meet demand for a given communication service.
Safe and Secure
Your device will function normally as little CPU power is required to host a call. No interruptions, virus or potential cyber attacks
Easy Monitoring
Keep track of the load on your resources and accumulated income in real-time on the history dashboard.
Become A Miner
Getting started is fast and easy.
Simply follow these 3 steps
Step 1
Download the Beowulf Mining Software to your device. This device will be used to host communication services on Beowulf platform.
Step 2
Create a new wallet and set up a password to add an extra layer of protection. You can log in to multiple devices using the same wallet to which all income will be transferred.
Step 3
Earn real fiat money via the W coin by hosting communication services. Know exactly how much you earn in real time via the status dashboard.