The Beowulf's architecture provides a Decentralized Communication and Data Network by utilizing computing resources globally to form a supercomputer network. Combining with blockchain for a payment system, Beowulf brings in transparency for all users and miners of the network.

Beowulf Architecture

The architecture of the Beowulf network is fueled by the payment system and comprises two layers that include the cloud network and blockchain technology
Cloud Network
Beowulf turns computing resources worldwide into a global cloud computing network more powerful than a supercomputer to serve as communication services.
Payment System
The payment for miners and expenses paid by users/businesses are made with real fiat via the W native coin.
The Beowulf blockchain employs Delegated Proof-of-Stake and native dual coin structure to ensure transparency for all transactions in the system.

Decentralized Cloud Network

The Beowulf cloud network offers a solution for businesses to provide communication services to their customers quickly and at a minimal cost.
To form the decentralized cloud network, Beowulf allows anyone anywhere in the world to monetize their computing capacity by becoming Beowulf miners.
In turn, this enables Beowulf to provide business clients with better network quality, infinite scalability, and the lowest possible cost using transparent pay-per-use rates.
As a cloud network provider, Beowulf will split a 50/50 revenue collected from business with miners in each transaction.

For Miners

Earn passive income monthly by becoming a Beowulf miner!
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Blockchain Layer

Our blockchain layer is designed to provide unparalleled service and capacity suitable for business activities with a high-performing platform in mind.
Beowulf employs Delegated Proof-of-Stake and native dual-coin structure to manage the transactions in the network. We expect to have thousands of Supernodes to guard the Beowulf blockchain where they all will have equal chances to earn block rewards and transaction fees for each block they create.

Powered By Dual-Coin Structure

The Beowulf's dual-coin structure ensures liquidity and stability for the ecosystem.

The BWF Coin

The BWF coin represents stakeholding of Supernodes on the blockchain for voting and producing blocks.

The W Coin

The W coin is pegged at 1 USD and will provide the payment medium for all transaction activities in the system.
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